Starting from Jerusalem at the Old Train Station (Mitcham Hatachana Harishona) and finishing at Jaffa Port in Tel Aviv. Your team will run 144km starting sometime on Thursday 16 April (depending on your overall speed) and finishing sometime on Friday afternoon at the sea.

Registration is open for groups of 4, 6 or 8 people. In teams of 4 all runners will run 4 sections each. In teams of 6 all runners will run 3 sections each with the last 2 sections run by two team members together (ie runners number 3 and 4 will together run section 15 and runners number 5 and 6 will together run section 16). In teams of 8 runners will run 2 sections each. All team members must cross the finish line together.
Runners run in a predetermined order with the rest of their group driving between points, meeting their runners at predetermined stops along the way. The course is all on trails with cars driving on tarmac roads on a predetermined course. Relay runners are expected to be independent along the way and provide their own food and drink and transportation. Changeover of runners takes place at the stations in front of the marshals table.

The weather at this time of year is very varied. It can be hot; the hottest recorded temperature in this area at this time is 28 C! However it is more likely to be cooler and may even rain. Runners should be prepared for all eventualities. The nights in the foothills of Jerusalem are considerably cooler than in Tel Aviv. The race takes part in all weather, however in the case of extreme heat on Friday afternoon the race director reserves the right to stop the race.
The course will be well marked both during the day and at night there is no need for navigation. However we have provided GPX files for the whole course and can be downloaded onto any GPS device including smart phones.

There will be emergency crews at each station to help out in case of emergency, but runners are expected and encouraged to take responsibility for their own welfare.
These races are “green” and we are working to keep our impact on the surrounding nature to as little as possible. There will be no littering on the course; offenders are liable to be withdrawn from the race. There will be no plastic bottles or cups provided by the race organizers and we ask participants to bring their own multi use bottles and cups.
Runners are expected to be independent and carry drink, food, and any other equipment they deem necessary during each of the race sections. No section is longer than 11km.

Price for Registration

Group of 4 / 6 / 8  4  6  8
Early registration (up until 01.04.2015) 200 200 250
Late registration (up until 12.04.2015) 300 300 350

* Prices are per person

Cancelation of registration

Up until 01.04.2015 – a cancellation fee of 40NIS will be charged.
Between 01.04.2015 and 12.04.2015 – a cancellation fee 50% of registration fee will be charged.
No refunds will be given for cancellations after 12.04.2015.

Awards Ceremony

The awards ceremony will take place in Jaffa Port at 16:00 on 17th April.


Group of 4 runners, men, women and mixed teams
Group of 6 runners, men, women and mixed teams
Group of 8 runners, men, women and mixed teams