This course is all cross country on well marked easy paths, apart from the 4km first section of the course through an urban park in Jerusalem and the last 7km along the beachfront of Tel Aviv.
Runners will run throughout the night and early morning passing through 15 aid stations where they will receive water, isotone and food. They will arrive at the finish in the afternoon of Friday 17th April having completed a journey from Jerusalem through steep pine-clad hills and deep valleys that give way to the more gentle rolling hills and fields of wheat and vineyards of the central region, (and the start of the 72km Ultra). Finishing up through the flat lands and orange groves of the Yarkon river area, and finally an exhilarating run along the modern beachfront of Tel Aviv to finish at the historical port of Jaffa.

Overall height gain for 144km: 1913m
Overall height loss for 144km: 2746m

Overall height gain for 72km: 342m
Overall height loss for 72km: 506m

Map of course on Google Earth 144km
Map of course on Google Earth 72km

Link to download for gps unit 144km
Link to download for gps unit 72km


Section no. Starting Station –

Finishing Station

Degree of Difficulty Section Distance Accumulated Distance
1 Old Jerusalem train station – Biblical Zoo easy 7 km 7 km
2 Biblical Zoo – Yad Kennedy hard 9.1 km 16.1 km
3 Yad Kennedy – Sataf very hard 9.1 km 25.2 km
4 Sataf – Ramat Raziel easy 9.5 km 34.7 km
5 Ramat Raziel – Eshtaol easy 8 km 42.7 km
6 Eshtaol – Mitzpe Harel moderate 8.8 km 51.5 km
7 Mitzpe Harel – Karmey Yossef moderate 7 km 58.5 km
8 Karmey Yossef – Modi’in (Ishpro Center) moderate 10.9 km 69.4 km
9 Modi’in (Ishpro Center) – Mitzpe Modi’im moderate 11.8 km 81.2 km
10 Mitzpe Modi’im – Shoham (Industrial zone) moderate 8.5 km 89.7 km
11 Shoham (Industrial zone) – Elad moderate 7.5 km 97.2 km
12 Elad – Park Afek moderate 8.7 km 105.9 km
13 Park Afek-Hod Hasharon (Industrial zone) moderate. 2 water crossings! 10 km 115.9 km
14 Hod Hasharon (Industrial zone) – Atidim moderate 11.3 km 127.2 km
15 Atidim – Reading power station easy 8.2 km 135.4 km
16 Reading power station – Jaffa Port easy 7.2 km 142.6 km