144km Ultra starting from Jerusalem at the Old Train Station (Mitcham Hatachana Harishona) and finishing at Jaffa Port in Tel Aviv.
Start time will depend on your predicted speed with slower runners starting around 17:00 on Thursday 16 April and faster runners starting as late as midnight. This way runners all finish around the same time in Jaffa Port in Tel Aviv. Overall cut off time for Ultra runners will be 24 hours.
70km Ultra starting in Moddiin and finishing at Jaffa Port in Tel Aviv.
Start time will be early morning in Moddiin. Overall cut-off time for 72km Ultra runners will be 12 hours
54km Ultra starting in Shoham at 08:00 in the morning and finishing at Jaffa Port in Tel Aviv. time roof (Cut Off) is at 16:00 Friday 17 April.
25.2km starting in Shoham at 08:00 in the morning and finishing at Jaffa Port in Tel Aviv. time roof (Cut Off) is at 16:00 Friday 17 April.


This is a fully supported course with checkpoints along the whole length of the course.
At these checkpoints your time will be recorded and we offer basic food and drink for Ultra runners, thus there is no need for back-up crew.
This run is a “green” run and we will try and limit our impact on nature as much as is possible. Runners must provide their own cups and containers for water and isotonic drinks. We will use tap water dispensed in large plastic containers as much as possible.
The weather at this time of year is very varied. It can be hot, the hottest recorded temperature in this area at this time is 28 C! However it is more likely to be cooler and may even rain. Runners should be prepared for all eventualities. The nights in the foothills of Jerusalem are considerably cooler than in Tel Aviv. The race takes part in all weather unless the heat reaches such levels that it is considered dangerous to continue. In this eventuality it is the final decision of the race director and all runners will be picked up and the stations closed down.
The course will be well marked both during the day and at night there is no need for navigation. However we have provided GPX files for the whole course and can be downloaded onto any GPS device including smart phones.
Runners are expected to be independent and carry drink, food, and any other equipment they deem necessary during each of the race sections. Runners will be able to restock at the stations along the course, food and water and also various food, energy bars, and energy drinks, supplied by the organizers. No section is longer than 11km.
This race is point to point starting in Jerusalem and finishing in Tel Aviv. There will be no organized transport to the start point or from the finish. However there is plenty of public transport and the race finishes in the afternoon on Friday in Tel Aviv. We advise overseas participants who do not have access to their own vehicle to arrange accommodation in Tel Aviv at the end of the race.
Ultra runners running 144 km will be allowed to leave a drop bag which they will deposit with the organizers no later than one hour before the start of the Ultra on the afternoon of 24 April. This bag will be waiting for you at the 70km point at the Ishparo Modiin station, and then will be delivered to you at the finish.

Food at checkpoints

There will be the following basic food at all checkpoints. In addition there will be special stations with extra food, details of which will be updated nearer the race.

  • Sliced White bread
  • Peanut butter
  • honey
  • bananas
  • salty pretzels
  • GU gels
  • GU Isotonic drink
  • water
  • Coca Cola at the last 3 stations
  • Ice at last three stations


Price for Registration (NIS)

25.2Km 54 KM 70 Km 144 Km
Early registration (up until 01.04.2016) 200 300 300 500
Late registration (up until 12.04.2016) 320 500 500 700

Cancelation of registration

Up until 01.04.2016 – a cancellation fee of 40NIS will be charged.
Between 01.04.2016 and 12.04.2016 – a cancellation fee 50% of registration fee will be charged.
No refunds will be given for cancellations after 12.04.2016.


Awards Ceremony

The awards ceremony will take place in Jaffa Port at 16:00 on 17th April. We appreciate that some runners may still be on the course and we will respect and encourage all those runners as they come in, however we do need to wrap up the race and the awards ceremony before sundown on Friday afternoon so we ask for your understanding in this matter.
As with other Ultra marathons around the world we count every marathon runner as a winner and call each and every one of you up to the stage at the end of the race so please stay around for the awards ceremony.
There will also be awards for first three placing for men and for women in 144km Ultra and the 72km Ultra.